TotalSystemCare can clean and optimize your PC in minutes.

TotalSystemCare was designed to automatically detect areas that need optimization or cleaning in order to get your PC running efficiently.

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For Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

TotalSystemCare will easily clean and optimize your computer by removing invalid, unnecessary and outdated clutter on your PC.

Easy to use

TotalSystemCare was designed to make it easy for our customers to use. A simple and user-friendly interface allows even the novice user to handle their computing issues with a few clicks of the mouse.

Customer Care

We are here to help! Our Customer Care Team will always lend a helping hand to make sure our users are satisfied. Being good isn't enough, we pride ourselves on being nothing but the best.

Powerful Technology

TotalSystemCare is based on a sophisticated, easy to use technology that automatically detects all available optimizations to make sure your PC is properly functioning and is running as efficiently as possible.

TotalSystemCare Provides a Simple Solution to Complicated PC Issues.

Optimization Made Easy

Over time, Internet browsers, Windows components and other software programs can develop issues causing them to cause conflicts, crashes, and lead to reduced functionality. TotalSystemCare scans for multiple areas of potential instability, including missing and corrupted virtual devices and drivers, program DLL issues, and corrupt and missing help libraries thus simplifying the optimization process for you.

Added Security Features

From blocking popups to security checks for issues with AV, firewall, or Chrome extensions, TotalSystemCare has got you covered. Additional features include a Privacy scan that can help to protect your privacy by finding and removing all traces of online and offline activities. TotalSystemCare can even review important Windows privacy settings and easily update them for maximum security.

Tools in the Toolbox

The toolbox section of TotalSystemCare allows for easy access to important reports and monitoring devices. With a few clicks of the mouse you can easily collect and manage your software license keys, get an up to date list of the device drivers on your PC, manage popup notification and set automatic scans of your PC to ensure you are always running your PC at maximum efficiency.

Loaded With Features. TotalSystemCare Has Got You Covered.


TotalSystemCare will help to clean and optimize your PC so you can maximize the efficiency of your machine. Windows registry stores settings and options for your operating system. Over time, the registry may become cluttered with invalid and outdated data. TotalSystemCare removes invalid and outdated items cluttering the Windows registry and potentially slowing down the PC. Additionally, TotalSystemCare can free up disk space and protect your privacy by removing Internet browser history and tracking cookies.


TotalSystemCare can provide complimentary security features to your PC. It can find and replace old and unwanted browser extensions, protect your privacy by detecting and removing all traces of online and offline activities, block those annoying and unwanted popup windows and can check to see if your network is secure. TotalSystemCare will also check for issues with your Anti-Virus, firewall, and Chrome browser extensions. TotalSystemCare may not be the first line of defense, but it helps to provide a second feature rich layer to help keep you secure.


TotalSystemCare is loaded with features to optimize the performance of your PC. It can boost your PC's startup time by reviewing and removing unnecessary programs, identify and automatically repair Windows issues, analyze disk space allocation, and review recent notifications regarding possible PC performance issues. TotalSystemCare's advanced scan technology can also clean up additional files, including old Windows updates, service packs, and old restore points.


TotalSystemCare will monitor your system to keep an eye on recent notifications regarding possible PC performance issues. It can give your PC a memory boost by automatically monitoring and shutting down any running background applications which can help to give an immediate PC boost. The built-in-stability report breaks down the number and frequency of application crashes to help spot potential issues. Overall, TotalSystemCare will monitor and optimize your PC allowing you to get more done.

Important Facts on Why TotalSystemCare is Awesome.

AppEsteem Approved

Appesteem is the leading application utility certification in the world. TotalSystemCare has passed AppEsteem's rigorous testing and certification process which gives our users confidence when using our products.

Money Back Guarantee

Our customer care team will always lend a helping hand to make sure our users are satisfied. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee to all customers. If you are not happy, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

System Requirements

TotalSystemCare is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (32/64 bit). The minimum system requirements to run TotalSystemCare are: Intel or AMD Dual Core or higher; 2GB RAM, 100 MB HDD free space; Full Administrative Rights.