This error message indicates that there has been a problem with the Windows Updates which are periodically required by the system. You will usually see an error message resembling the following:

Check your backup results
The backup completed but some files were skipped

When you the ‘View skipped files’ link is opened, you will encounter an error log similar to one of the following:

Scenario 1:

Backup encountered a problem while backing up file:
C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\. Error:(The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))


Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow. Error:(The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))

There are other possible error messages as well, but all are fairly similar.


If you have received the first error message then move the library folder from your user profile path to a location outside the user profile path. For example, move the folder to the C:\MyLibraries folder. You can locate the ‘Library’ folder by using the Start menu’s search facility.

Next you need to exclude the library from the list of files that Windows Backup automatically backs up, and then include the original location of the content in the backup list.

To do this, firstly go to the Start Menu and click your username. Locate the folder that you wish to move and then right-click and select ‘Cut’.

On the navigation pane, expand the ‘Computer’ setting, locate the place where you want to store the folder, and then paste the folder into the appropriate location.

Right-click the folder that you moved to the new location, and then click ‘Copy’.

If you have received the second error message then

Finally, go back to the Start menu, click your user name, right-click any empty area in the folder, and then click ‘Paste shortcut’.

If this doesn’t work then it is worthwhile simply attempting a System Restore. This will reset your machine to a time before the error caused your machine to malfunction. System restore can be accessed through the Start menu, by simply typing “System Restore” into the search box.

If the system restore utility will not run correctly then you can attempt to activate safe mode. To run Windows in Safe Mode, restart your computer and press F8 (if you have Windows installed). Once you’ve reached the desktop in Safe Mode, type ‘System’ into the Start search box and press Enter once ‘System Restore’ is highlighted. You should then be able to run the system restore utility.

If this doesn’t work then you could go down the route of either contacting Microsoft, reinstalling Windows, or as a last resort backing up your data and resetting your machine to its factory settings.