The error code 0x80070057 can be seen following many different processes in Windows, but is most likely to be encountered when attempting to install an element of the Windows system itself. Many people have encountered this error code when attempting to initially install Windows 7 in particular, but this can be an error code which comes up with both earlier and later version of the Windows operating system.

Additionally, a raft of early adopters to Windows 8 reported the error code 0x80070057 to the Microsoft Community forums when attempting to launch Windows 8.1’s installation procedure.


There are several things that one can attempt in order to resolve this problem, many of which are likely to be unsuccessful, but unfortunately this is quite simply a trial and error process.

The first thing that you can attempt is to delete all partitions on the hard drive, and then create one partition which contains the maximum capacity of the hard drive. This can be done by using the Windows Disk Management utility, which can be accessed via Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

Once you have re-partitioned the drive, attempt to reinstall Windows, and if the process is successful then naturally you have solved the problem.

Unfortunately, this may not solve the issue. Occasionally when attempting this you may encounter the following error message:

“Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. The error occured while preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code: 0x80070057.”

Another possible error code that can occur is as follows:

“Failed to format the selected partition. .”

Should either of these error codes appear then it is likely that the partitioning process will likely be unsuccessful, and it is quite possible the the drive and partitions that you’ve created will disappear completely, and the system will revert to its previous state.

Should this fail then there is another slightly involved way of resolving the issue. Firstly, you need the install CD for the previous version of Windows that you were using. Once you have this, undergo a partial installation of the previous operating system, but stop short of the point where you begin to set your login details.

Next reboot the system from the CD of the version of Windows that you wish to install, and then clean install the partition which is automatically created by Windows. This sounds quite complicated, but it should be possible to achieve by following on-screen instructions.