This error with Win32 will likely produce the following error message:

There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.

Download Recommendation

The first thing to try with regard to this error is to attempt to clean the registry of your computer. A good way to do this is to download the Total System Care, which will do an excellent job of cleaning your registry and often sort out the problem in itself.


More Information and Manual Resolution

There is also a manual resolution to this issue, which will fix the photoviewer.dll file and make the Photo Gallery usable again. In order to resolve the issue follow these steps:

Firstly, locate the icon for the file that you to open, and then right-click it.

Next select ‘Open with Drop out box’, and then choose the default program, before selecting the program that you wish to open with it.

If you can’t see the program that you wish to use, select ‘Browse’ instead.

Navigate to the program that you wish to use, and then highlight it.

Click ‘Open’.

Check the box which is titled ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’

Finally, click ‘OK’

This will solve the problem by opening files while circumnavigating the error with Windows Photo Gallery. To address the Windows Photo Gallery issue, you can attempt to edit your registry, which will hopefully clear up the possible file location issue. with Windows 7. Essentially this will delete a registry entry that is informing PhotoViewer.dll of an incorrect file location.

Firstly, click the Start menu, and select the Search Bar, and then type ‘regedit’.

Navigate your mouse pointer to ‘HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jpegfile\shell\edit ‘ and highlight it, before right-clicking on the ‘Edit’ key.

Click ‘Delete’.

You should now have removed the file location association for PhotoViewer.dll and this should have resolved your problem. If you can’t locate the key listed above in the registry then the method listed above will not work and you should not attempt it. Under these circumstances, you could try downloading and installing the newest Windows Live Photo Gallery, which is widely and freely available from Microsoft. The installation of the newer version of this software should then resolve this issue with the PhotoViewer.dll.