SafeBytes Software Inc.

2001 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa #1700
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2A6

SafeBytes was founded in 2013 in Québec, Canada, and has continued to expand in capabilities ever since.

The ethos of SafeBytes is to make computing accessible and comprehensible for users of all ability levels and computer literacy. We know only too well that computers can be confusing, and that’ troubleshooting and maintaining a modern PC in the often hostile environment that they operate in can be a confusing and daunting task for the uninitiated.

Dealing with issues such as crashes, hardware incompatibility, viruses, drivers, Windows updates;, etc, can get even an experienced user in a bit of a pickle. That’s why we work extremely hard at SafeBytes on providing PC solutions that not only secure your system permanently, but which are also user-friendly for people of all ability levels.

One cannot over-emphasise the importance of PC security in this day and age. When news broadcasts and media regularly carry stories of issues such as ransomware – which render computers completely useless, until a fee is paid to the hacker – then it is quite clear that protection for your PC is absolutely essential.

PC issues can be relatively minor, or crises which instantly grind your machine to a halt. But in a world in which connecting technology to the Internet has become such a central part of our lives, coping without a computer or making do with inadequate performance can literally be debilitating for our existence. This will only become more true as more and more devices of an ever more diverse nature are connected to the Internet.

In these austere times, most people are operating on a tight budget and are not in a position to shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars on expensive technical consultants and technicians. As a business that has built itself up from humble origins to a successful multinational software company, we at SafeBytes understand what it is like to have to work to a budget. This is why we have developed a vast suite of software products which are intended to be affordable for people on any sort of budget. We intend to make computer repair and optimisation fast, easy and affordable.

At SafeBytes, we have three core products which were developed independently by our team of skilled developers to handle the absolutely key aspects of computer maintenance and repair.  These three programs are as follows:

SafeBytes – this program protects your PC from all viruses and malware.

Total System Care – this program massages your system back to its very peak by repairing errors, boosting speed, and stabilizing all software components.

Each of these software solutions combines a sophisticated palette of features with intuitive interfaces and robust, extremely strongly tested engines. We have confidence that our core programs deliver the highest level of quality and customer experience on the market.

At SafeBytes, being good isn’t good enough, we pride ourselves on being the best in our field. In order to do so we are always updating our methods and looking to expand our already impressive team of skilled technicians, programmers and engineers. We look to recruit the best and brightest software developers around, and provide flexible hours and lucrative benefits. So if you’re interested in joining one of the most energetic, skilled and innovative teams in the software development industry, please feel free to contact us with a copy of your résumé, as we’d love to hear from you.