10 Tips to Speed Up your PC

We’ve all been there: our new PCs work just fine until they don’t anymore. The lunge and sprint of the first few weeks (or months, if we’re lucky) turn suddenly to a crawl. Startup time slows down from a few minutes to forever, and when our PCs are finally s the turn of browsers and. Read More

How to Clean Sirefef Malware Infection From your PC

Sirefef refers to a family of stealthy malicious files that come in several known variants. Computers are most commonly infected with Sirefef through social engineering attacks poisoned up ads; and malicious files disguised as program or software updates. The trait that defines and unites all Sirefef variants is the ability to remain hidden in infected computers. Read More

Fixing “Your computer is low on memory” Errors

Symptoms If your computer doesn’t have enough memory to function correctly, you may regularly encounter error messages indicating this. Aside from error messages, you may also experience generally poor performance and display problems. These issues quite simply indicate that your computer is running low on Random Access Memory and / or virtual memory. It can simply. Read More